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Coupons for Movies in 2016

Movie Theater Coupons 2016Going to the movies has never been more expensive. Hollywood has been feeling the effects of the high price of movie tickets, movie candy and snacks, and movies on DVD for home viewing: fewer people are going out to the movies, and the ones that do are less likely to hit the over-priced snack bar than ever before. Are the days of spending an evening with the family at the local movie house gone forever? Has the high price of a couple of movie tickets and a box of popcorn killed movie dates?

Thankfully, movie theaters and movie retailers are in the business of releasing coupons. Couponing is on the rise again in America, thanks to a rough economy, high unemployment, rising food costs, and exposure on network TV shows dedicated to so called “extreme couponing.” Retailers are catching onto the coupon craze, and that includes movie theaters and companies that produce traditional movie-watching snacks. Paying full price to go to the movies is a thing of the past, thanks to movie coupons and deals for snacks and drinks at the venerable movie theater snack bar.

How Much Does it Cost to Go Out to the Movies?

Let's examine the average retail cost of a night at the movies for a family of four. According to a recent article in the LA Times, the average price of a movie ticket in America rose again in 2011 to $7.93. For simplicity's sake, let's round that off to an even $8. That means an average American family of four will shell out $32 to see the latest blockbuster, and that $32 doesn't do anything but give them a seat in the theater. A large popcorn for mom and dad and candy for the two kids will add another $15, and should each of them get a medium-sized soft drink to go with that, tack on another $15. Before this family has even found a seat in the theater, they've spent $62. Since most Hollywood movies are well under two hours long, this family is paying at least $30 an hour for entertainment, and since those movie theater snacks don't count as dinner, someone's going to have to shell out another $50 or $60 for dinner.

The average cost of a night at the movies is so much higher than it used to be, there is an entire generation of kids growing up without experiencing movie theater magic. Going to the movies used to be a cheap way to kill some time, keep the kids entertained, or go on a first date. Getting to see a Hollywood movie for just a few bucks (and a couple bucks more for snacks) was the whole appeal of the movie theater. Good, cheap entertainment with viewing options for the whole family. These days, movie theater prices have all but done away with the movie theater as a cheap way to have fun. The high cost of movie tickets has pushed many movie theaters in the other direction; chains like Alamo Drafthouse and Movie Tavern have added fancier food options, waiters, and a full bar, allowing them to justify their higher prices with better service. But even improving the product hasn't kept going to the movies as popular as it once was.

How Coupons Can Save the Movies

It is obvious that the movie theater industry is in trouble when even the higher-end theaters (like the Alamo Drafthouse chain mentioned earlier) started issuing coupons and other deals to try to attract business. When these chains' restaurant-style food, beer by the pitcher, and in-seat snack service didn't turn much greater profits, these high-end movie theaters started handing out coupons like there was no tomorrow. The result? A ton of movie theater coupons and deals for movie fans on all sorts of other goodies. No matter what theater chain you prefer, the brand of candy you buy at the snack bar, or the time of day you want to go see a movie, you can find a special movie coupon or deal to help you save some cash.

Take a look at our example family from earlier, this time armed with coupons and advice from Before the family picked the movie, dad printed out a coupon that cut their ticket prices in half. The morning before their big movie night, mom took our site's advice and found an online coupon for their movie theater's snack bar, so the kids' candy and soda came as a package deal and cost half as much as before. With just two movie coupon deals, the family's expenses are now much closer to the way things used to cost, about half the going rate at today's movie theaters. will highlight all the best coupons for movie theater chains, deals for movie snacks you can buy at the store, and coupons for movies to buy and watch at home. We love movies, and we hate to see people growing up without the fun of spending a day at the movie theater, so we're here to show you how to save cash on all the movie-related goodies you can imagine. As passionate movie lovers and total cheapskates, we're uniquely qualified to teach you how to spend less at the movie theater, the snack bar, and at your local big box store buying DVDs and BluRay discs.

Here you'll find pages dedicated to coupons for different movie theater chains, coupons for Best Buy movie sales, Orville Redenhbacher coupons, and anything you can think of related to enjoying movies. Check out all our special deals and ideas on how to save money at the movies and share your love of movies with all your family and friends. Thanks to, you'll spend a lot less money on the films and movie snacks you love.