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Alamo Drafthouse Coupons for 2016 Movies

Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater Coupons 2016Alamo Drafthouse is a lively and unique movie venue with locations in Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas, as well as in Winchester, Virginia. Other locations in Texas are proposed and underway. Alamo Drafthouse was founded in 1997 in Austin, TX and is still headquartered in Austin. Originally founded by Tim and Karrie League, the first Alamo Drafthouse location took over a parking garage in the warehouse district in Austin. The theater differed from other movie venues in that this venue provided food and drink (including beer) service to patrons while they enjoyed second-run movies.

History of Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse quickly gained popularity with Austin crowds by featuring special events centered around older and second-run movies, antiquated TV series (think “My So-Called Life”) and live bands. During the entertainment, patrons write their orders on small slips of paper and slip to waitstaff. Waitstaff, dressed in all black, deliver orders to patrons during the entertainment.

In 2003, the first franchise location of Alamo Drafthouse opened in San Antonio. The following year, the largest Alamo Drafthouse opened its doors in Houston.

Currently, Houston is home to two Alamo Drafthouse locations, San Antonio has three, and Austin has five locations. In addition, one Alamo Drafthouse is now located in Winchester, VA.

Alamo Drafthouse Culture

Alamo Drafthouse is a great theater for date night. Affordable, casual and always showing interesting entertainment, Alamo is truly a unique experience and a great deal of fun. However, be forewarned that the Alamo enforces a strict code of behavior during shows. Texting and talking are not allowed during the entertainment. Staff will warn patrons, but will ask them to leave for more than one infraction. Alamo Drafthouse does not allow children under six years old, and no unaccompanied minors are allowed.

The Fantastic Fest is a week long film festival hosted by the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. During Fantastic Fest, the Alamo shows Asian cult films, horror, sci-fi and fantasy flicks. The South Lamar and the Ritz locations participate in the South by South West (SXSW) Film festivities each year in March.

The Alamo Drafthouse is one of the few venues that show “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on a weekly basis. The Rolling Road Show is a venue sponsored by the Drafthouse where a portable projector displays movies in parks and outside locations on a large inflatable screen. The Rolling Road Show is famous for hosting movies in famous places all over the globe. The Rolling Road Show presented “Escape from Alcatrz” on Alcatraz Island, “The Warriors” in Coney Island, New York, “ It Came From Outer Space” in Roswell, New Mexico and “Poseidon Adventure” on the Queen Mary.

Alamo Drafthouse also hosts sing-alongs, air guitar contests, quote-alongs, celebrity guest and big screen classics. Weeknights provide special entertainment with Music Mondays, Terror Tuesdays and Weird Wednesday. During Open Screen Night, theater patrons bring their own videos so show to the crowd.

Find Alamo Drafthouse Coupons and Discounts in 2016

You can find specials, deals and coupons for the Alamo Drafthouse online. Search the Internet for Alamo promotions, and visit the Alamo Drafthouse website often for occasional specials. Visit the Alamo Drafthouse website at drafthouse.com or view the Alamo Drafthouse Facebook page at www.facebook.com/alamodrafthouse to find gift cards, weekly specials and coupons for the theaters. Coupons and promotions often provide discounts for meals, drinks and admission. In addition, find free printable 2016 Alamo Drafthouse coupons at:

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Groupon also participates in 2016 savings offers for Alamo Drafthouse. Join Groupon and coupons for various companies are delivered daily to your email account. Free print coupons for various Austin locations of Alamo Drafthouse regularly appear in the Austin -American Statesman newspaper, as well as the Austin Chronicle. The special most often printed in the newspapers is the “buy one entree, get one free” offer.

Alamo Drafthouse, an Austin original, is one of the first theater franchises to sweep the nation. Alamo Drafthouse provides a unique and fun venue and is a great place to view a wide range of movies and live entertainment. Be sure to find discounts online or in print for your trip to Alamo Drafthouse.