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B&B Theatres Coupons for Movie Tickets in 2016

B&B Theatres got its start in the small town of Salisbury, Missouri. Elmer Bills, Sr. started the chain when he bought the Lyric Theatre. While running the theatre, Elmer fell in love with a piano player and later married her. Elmer Jr. later took over operations, and eventually married a woman that worked at the concession stand. The original name of the company dates back to 1924. The company did not become B&B Theatres until the 1980s, and only then because of a man named Sterling Bagby. Bagby worked at a concession stand and in other theater jobs, before working in a traveling show.

This traveling show, known as the Bagby Traveling Picture Show traveled to different areas of Missouri. The participants performed in schools, community centers and other locations when asked. Some believe that the popularity of these shows laid the foundation for outdoor movie theaters. Two members of the Bagby and Bills families married in 1979. The following year, the two companies merged and formed the B&B Theatres chain.

The chain now owns multiple theaters throughout the Midwest. To maintain its popularity, the chain implemented theater seating, surround sound and started showing 3D movies. The new changes helped the company retain customers, even in areas with competition from other chains. Missouri, Kansas, Florida and Oklahoma are all home to B&B Theatres.

Check Twitter for B&B Theatres Coupons

The social networking site Twitter lets users post “tweets” for followers. The tweets consist of 140 characters or less. Many companies now use Twitter accounts to gain customers. The official Twitter account for B&B Theatres is available at!/bbtheatres.

When you visit the Twitter page, you have access to lots of information about the company. While some theaters only update its Twitter page once a week, B&B Theatres updates its account several times day. It runs contests from its account, where you can win cash, free movie tickets and other prizes. The Twitter feed also posts links to new coupons. Once you click the link, you get a free printable coupon for snacks or tickets. Recent tickets included 50 percent off nachos with a movie ticket and a free drink with a snack purchase.

B&B Theatres and Facebook

Twitter is not the only social networking site where you can find discounts on the Internet. Head to the official Facebook page for B&B Theatres. The site manager posts updates every day, and in most cases, posts several updates every day. While most posts cover new movies and movie trivia, others list discounts and deals.

The official Facebook page also has a link to its own printable coupons page. When the theatre decides to list a new coupon, it will update the page with that information. Keep in mind that you must print the coupon and bring it to the theatre. The theatre does not accept any coupons unless you have a printed coupon.

More Facebook Fun

For even more Facebook fun, click the link of the page for Enter to Win! This page lets you sign up for a prize. You must enter your email address, contact information and a few other facts. Once you complete the short form, you get entered into a contest. The contests change often, but have some great prizes. A recent 2016 contest had a top prize of an autographed movie poster.

You can also find deals by reading the postings of others on the Facebook page. The local store Yogurtini recently ran a promotion for its frozen yogurt shop by posting on the Facebook page. Customers that showed their ticket stub from a B&B Theatres movie at the yogurt shop got 15 percent off their total order.

The Official B&B Theatres Website

The official website for B&B Theatres also has some deals available. You might not find deals and printable coupons listed often, but it does list some occasionally. You can also signup for the free online newsletter. When you receive your first email, you get a printable coupon for a free large popcorn on your next visit.

Texting Club

If you have a cell phone or a smartphone, send a text to 41513 with bb + your local city. This lets the theatre chain know your closest theatre location. Every week you get short texts on your phone about the latest movie releases. You also get access to coupons that the theatre chain does not list anywhere else. Make sure that you include the name of your city or the closest city with a B&B Theatre if you want to get the best free discounts for your area.