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Carmike Cinemas - Coupons for Movies in 2016

Carmike Cinema Coupons 2016Carmike Cinema is the fourth largest movie theater company in the United States of America. Carmike Cinema’s headquarters reside in Columbus, Georgia. Carmike's opened its first movie theater in 1982. Since then, Carmike has opened over 200 theaters that operate in 36 states throughout the country.

A Brief History of Carmike Cinema

Carmike began its history as a family business, founded by Carl L. Patrick, Sr. The movie theater company's unique name comes from a combination of Carl and Michael, the names of Carl L. Patrick's two sons. Carmike also advertises itself as "America's Hometown Theatre." Carmike movie theaters are most commonly found in rural or suburban areas. Carmike does not often open theaters in large cities with populations over 200,000 people.

The best place to look for a Carmike Cinema is via the company's website. The names of Carmike's theaters are sometimes misleading. The majority of Carmike's have names that reflect the number of auditoriums in each theater: Carmike 10 or Carmike 12. However, some theaters are named after the area or venue they are closest to. These theaters may not feature Carmike in their name at all.

Carmike Cinema Movie Theaters

Although Carmike's brands itself as "America's Hometown Theatre", it remains a leader in technology in the industry. In 2005, Carmike converted all of its movie theaters to Digital Projection. As of 2011, 27 percent Carmike Cinema's screens -- roughly 700 out of 2000 -- feature Real-D 3D capability. Only 16 percent of Carmike Cinema's 200 theaters do not have Real-D 3D capability.

Carmike Cinema's ticket prices reflect their technological capabilities. Adult evening prices are $9.50. Adult matinee ticket prices are $7.25. Prices drop to $5.50 between four and five-thirty pm during "Super Bargain" time. Children and senior tickets are $6.25. On Tuesdays all tickets are $6 apiece. Real-D 3D movie tickets cost an additional $3 per ticket no matter the day or show time.

Carmike Cinema's Online Movie Theater Coupons

Periodically, the Carmike Cinema's website offers printable movie theater coupons. These sporadic coupons sometimes offer discounts on regular ticket prices. More often the discount is for concessions. The best way to look for tickets on Carmike Cinema's website is to log on frequently. Check the "Promotions" tab on the left side of the screen at least once weekly to catch limited time offers. Most available coupons are free to print directly from the website. Third party vendors are rarely involved.

Carmike Rewards

Like many theaters, Carmike Cinemas offers a rewards program for frequent customers. The next time you visit Carmike Cinemas ask the ticket agent for a rewards card. Swipe this card every time you purchase a ticket or buy a concession at Carmike Cinemas.

Every dollar spent at a Carmike Cinema translates to one reward point. To redeem Carmike Rewards points, log on. Then redeem the points for free, printable Carmike Cinema coupons, Carmike Cinema movie passes or free or discounted concession items.

Coupons on Carmike Cinema's Facebook Page

Carmike Cinema's Facebook page frequently features a variety of promotional deals and coupons. To remain updated on all of these opportunities you must click "Like" on the Facebook page and visit frequently.

Many of Carmike Cinema's Facebook coupons come in the form of package deals. For example, their Valentine's Day 2016 promotion is often a two for one ticket price combined with discounts on concession candy. These package deals occur most often in conjunction with major holidays and events. Checking back around those times will yield the most benefits.

Carmike Cinema's Facebook page also has more exciting ways to access free coupons. Raffles, trivia contests and other participatory games often pop up on Carmike Cinema's Facebook page. Every contest is free to enter by anyone who "Likes" the Facebook page. The prizes often include free Carmike Cinema tickets, free movie passes or free concessions.

Third Party Coupon Sites

Internet discount companies like,,, and periodically offer Carmike Cinemas Coupons. Often these deals have two for one discounts, discounts for specific screenings or certain movies, or limited time offer coupons that must be used within a strictly specified period of time like that weekend. The theater may not have the name Carmike's. It pays to do a little research before you buy to make sure that you are visiting a Carmike's theater.

All it takes is a little research to find Carmike Cinema coupons. Carmike itself offers more ticket and concessions discounts than most theaters. Third party coupon sites also offer a variety of ways to save. Just keep checking the internet and you may never pay full price again.