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Goodrich Quality Theaters Coupons 2016

Goodrich Quality Theatres Movie Coupons 2016Goodrich Quality Theaters operates movie theaters in numerous locations located throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. Goodrich equips most of these theaters with stadium seating, DLP cinema technology, and each theater uses either a stereo or digital sound system. Many of these theaters will also offer 3-D and IMAX options. Goodrich Quality Theaters provide party rooms that are available for various types of parties and gatherings. Further, each theater operates a concession stand. Many of the available discounts and free rewards refer to snacks, popcorn, and drinks to be redeemed at the concession stand. The company website lists the movie and show times available for each individual theater.

Further, many of the theaters offer free contests and rewards which can be found on their Facebook page. Since each theater runs its own personal Facebook page, moviegoers need to go to the Facebook listing on the main website, in order to "like" the theater located in their area. When choosing a theater, moviegoers should feel free to "like" more than one and should be sure to "like" all of the theaters in their geographic area. Each theater will run different contests and promote different reward packages. Patrons will have a stronger likelihood of winning, if they register and "like" several different theaters within their location.

Frequent Moviegoer Club and E-Newsletter

Goodrich Quality Theaters offers several programs which offer free coupons and discounts to its members. The frequent moviegoer club works on a point system. Moviegoers accumulate points by purchasing movie tickets. The points can then be redeemed for discounts for drinks and popcorn at the concession stand. Discounts become available when accruing as few as three points. For 2016, the points can be redeemed for the following items:

Ticket purchasers may only accrue up to 20 points per day.

The frequent moviegoer club also delivers a weekly e-newsletter which includes a coupon for a "Reel Deal" which includes popcorn and a drink. Additionally, the e-newsletter notifies patrons of reduced prices on movie showings. In order to be notified of these reduced rates, moviegoers must sign up for the e-newsletter. Patrons can take advantage of the reduced rates by using their Frequent Moviegoer Club card. Moviegoers can sign up for the e-newsletter or the frequent moviegoer club through the Goodrich Quality Theaters website,

VIP Pass

Moviegoers may also sign up for a VIP Pass. The VIP Pass provides a discount of $0.75 to $1.25 each evening movie ticket. The exact discount will vary per location. The VIP Pass must be pre-loaded with at least 50 movie tickets. Goodrich Quality Theaters gears this particular discount more towards people who plan to see numerous movies, corporate gifts and for raffle items. In order to purchase the VIP Pass, the theater must be contacted directly.

Printable Movie Ticket Coupons on the Internet

The Internet is a logical place to start looking for coupons for Goodrich Quality Theaters, however, not many options exist for printable coupons on the Internet. That said, each Goodrich Quality Theater may advertise for their particular theater through coupon websites such as Groupon and Living Social. Both of these websites advertise daily deals for a particular geographic area. In order to subscribe to these websites, customers need to register with the website with an email account and their specific area. After purchasing the coupons, they can be downloaded through an email account and then printed to be used as needed.

Additional Resources

The next step towards finding coupons for would be to check the Sunday paper or purchasing a coupon book. The Sunday paper carries numerous coupons and advertisements which may be applicable to a particular theater. Further, many organizations sell "coupon books" which generally carry coupons to local theaters. The coupons may be either for movie tickets or for items to be purchased at the concession stand.