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Hastings Coupons for DVD Movies & Blurays in 2016

Hastings Movie Coupons 2016Hastings Entertainment is one of the best places to get discounts on books, movies and other entertainment products. On any given day, the website offers Blu Ray discs brand new for as low as $14.99 or less. In addition to the website, the company also offers shoppers the chance to buy from local stores. The company operates in over 20 states and has over 100 stores. The offline locations also rent movies. The website gives you the option to shop by category, browse through new or used offerings and search for specific products by name or keyword.

Sam Marmaduke started the company in 1968. The first location was in Amarillo, Texas, but spread to other cities and states. Marmaduke’s son John now runs the company, including both the online website and offline locations. If you cannot find what you want in your neighborhood store, you can likely find it available online. Most Hastings coupons are valid at all locations and the online store. You can also find some coupons only good for online purchases, including free shipping on your order or faster shipping.

Hastings Website Discounts

If you want the best deals on all of your entertainment merchandise, then visit the official Hastings website. The website lists the current inventory available, and has a copy of the weekly sales ad. The online newsletter offers another way to save money. Once you sign up for the newsletter, you get special discounts and information sent to your email.

Many of the discounts offer free shipping or a percentage off your order. Some of the deals and discounts also apply to offline purchased made at one of the stores. The Hastings website offers free shipping on all book orders. Even if you only order one cheaper book, you still get free shipping.

Movie Coupons at Gohastings@ Twitter

Hastings is one of the many stores that discovered the benefits of a Twitter account. The Twitter account updates at least once a day, and usually updates more often. Many of the tweets focus on upcoming releases, but you can also ask questions and get a response back from one of the store employees.

The Hastings Twitter account at also explains any special deals or discounts. In 2016, the Twitter account announced that a big clearance sale in stores. The February clearance sale sold DVDs, CDs and other products for up to 75 percent off the list price.

Coupons for Hastings Entertainment and Facebook

The Facebook page for Hastings Entertainment has deals available. Some of the deals are the same ones listed in the sales ad, but some are only available for those that like the Facebook page and become a fan of the store. The promo codes are easy to use on the website. When you checkout, place the promo code in the box on the page and it instantly applies to your total order.

The promo codes typically give you free shipping or reduced shipping, but you can also find other deals. In February 2016, the site offered a buy one get one for $1 deal on all used DVDs. You can even stack the deals to get free shipping and a sale on your order.

Hastings Weekly Ads

The weekly sales ad for Hastings often lists some great discounts and free items. You can get a free tee shirt when you buy a specific game or get a free soft drink when you buy a compact disc. If you do not get the newspaper or you did not get a sales ad this week, visit the official website. The website lists the sales ad with all the weekly deals inside.

Printable Online Coupons for Movies, DVDs, and Blurays

Online coupons offer additional ways to save money, whether you shop online or at one of the stores. For free 2016 printable coupons, visit Deal Taker. The coupons let you save money on movies, books, video games and other items. Before you apply the code to your order or print off the coupon, compare the price online to make sure you get a good deal. Recently, Deal Taker listed a coupon for CDs priced at $7.99, while the online store offered the same discs for less.

Shop at Home lists other specials and discounts for Hastings shoppers. Some of the better 2016 offers for Internet shoppers included a coupon for buy two get one for $1 and a deal for 20 percent off a total order. You can even find deals for As Seen on TV Products that Hastings typically does not put on sale.