United Artists Theater Movie Coupons in 2012

United Artists - UA Theater Movie Ticket Coupons 2012The history of United Artists theaters dates back to the 1920s when silent films were all the rage. The company relates to the United Artists production company. Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford were two of the early investors. The actors provided the funding necessary to build movie theaters with the company’s name. The history and success of the theater chain relates to its locations. Unlike other theater chains that targeted larger cities, United Artists focused on smaller towns with less competition. This campaign helped the chain build hundreds of theaters across the country.

Tele-Communications, Inc. purchased the chain in the late 1980s, but sold it within a few years. The new owners changed the name to United Artists Theatre Circuit. After nearly a decade of losing money, the company finally filed for bankruptcy. Regal Entertainment Group purchased the chain and two other chains that also filed for bankruptcy. Regal Entertainment Group chose to maintain the names of the original theaters, but operate the theaters as it did its own chain. The company still builds theaters under the United Artists name. The most recent theater opened its door at the end of 2011 in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Monday Discounts on Candy at United Artists Theaters

Visit any participating United Artists theater on a Monday and get $2 candy. The only catches are that you must join the Regal Crown Club and you must purchase a movie ticket. The $2 prices apply to almost all of the candy sold at the concession stand.

Tuesday Deals on Popcorn in 2012

One of the best 2012 deals at United Artists theaters is the Tuesday popcorn deal. When you buy a movie ticket and show your Regal Crown Club card, you can get a regular sized popcorn for only $2. This deal is a fun way to get a cheap snack for your movie.

Free Refills at United Artists Theaters

While it isn’t the same as a traditional printable coupon, United Artists does offer free refills on large drinks and popcorn purchased at the theater. You do not need to show anything; just hand over your cup or box and the worker will fill it back up. The popcorn and drinks are so large that with refills, you can make sure that everyone in your family leaves the movie with a full bladder and a full stomach.

Regal Value Days

Since United Artists became part of the Regal Entertainment Group, it began hosting special value days. Value days provide big discounts on movie tickets. You should check with your local theater, as each one offers different discounts on different days. Some of the potential discounts include half price on Monday and matinee pricing all day on Tuesday.

Regal Crown Club

As part of the Regal Entertainment Group, United Artists theaters now offer the Regal Crown Club. Membership is completely free, though you must apply online or at the theater. When you apply online, you just need to enter an email address and some other information, including your address. The company sends you a small card in the mail that acts as any type of loyalty card. Show the card when you buy your tickets and get points added to your account. You also get discounts on food at the concession stand.

When you build up your points, you can redeem those points for special prizes. Get a free small popcorn for 50 points or a free movie ticket for 300 points. As a bonus, you earn extra points when you buy a movie ticket on any Tuesday and a bonus when buying any concession item any day of the week.

Printable Coupons for Movie Theater Tickets at United Artists in 2012

Printable coupons provide yet another way to save money. Check out City Deals if you want to enjoy a night out with your spouse or significant other. This deal gives you a $20 gift card for Buca di Beppo and two movie tickets valid at any United Artists location. City Deals often updates its site with new discounts for local theaters.

Facebook Deals on UA Theater Tickets

Some of the best deals around appear on the Facebook page for the theater. United Artists have several independent pages, including the Denver page and the Detroit page. While those sites list free discounts and online deals only available at local attractions, the Regal Entertainment Group provides Internet deals good at all locations. Visit the Real Entertainment Group Facebook page and join the mobile discount club. Every week, a different discount for the concession stand arrives as an SMS message on your phone.